28 September 2008

Week 9

Looking for online community - wiki collaborators

Assignment 2 - draft concept

TLC (Think, Learn & Create) using Mind Maps
- online discussion
- online presentation (using Elluminate or Skype)

Collaborative facilitation with Elaine Dittert

This session is designed to provide participants with pointers to help you gather and organise large amounts of data and provide a clear overview, analyse your thoughts, identify problem solving ideas and generate more ideas with clarity, efficiency and accuracy.

Promotions for the session:
Possible presenters:
  • Jennifer Goddard, BBus (Admin), Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Master Trainer in Buzan Advanced Learning Techniques, inspirational Director of the Buzan Centre in Australia and New Zealand and co-founder of Mindwerx International.

  • Jennie Vickers, Buzan Licensed Instructor, (senior advanced coach), Masters of Management, Diploma in BA, BA Law (Hons), Leadership NZ alumnus.
Summary: Have you had difficult keeping up with the 'overload of information' during this course? Got confused or lost by trying to view all the discussion threads? Have you jotted down some thoughts and ideas you've read and heard and by the time you're ready to read and make your notes they make no sense? If this sounds like you, this session may be just what you need.

Mind maps are a dynamic way to capture significant points of information. They use a global format, allowing information to be displayed in the same way that our brain functions in many directions simultaneously.

Key Links:
Friday 31 October 11 am (+13 hrs GMT)

Background information .....

Discussion starters ..... (taken from Discussion postings and threads from potential participants) .....

Technical support services:
  • Skype - Conference call (internet access, preferably Broadband, webcam and headset with microphone)
  • Access to YouTube, Wikieducator, Wikipedia
  • Adobe Reader
  • Microsoft Office - MS Word, MS PowerPoint
  • Register to a free online collaborative mind map program ....
Contingency plan
Issues to consider:
  • time of online event (may conflict, respond to feedback)
  • if oversubscribed (maximum 24 participants at session), arrange alternative event/s
  • loss of internet connection ... Plan B?
record of event
  • History of conversation .....
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1 comment:

Leigh Blackall said...

Good one Kay.. looks interesting too. I've never really understood how to use mind mapping effectively, so I'll be sure to make it to this one. Hope you'll confirm the speaker sooner than later :) just so its not you that ends up presenting it :)

Also, I've never been in a 24 person Skype talk! That will be interesting to see. Backup plan? Perhaps the Elluminate room for backup. If the Internet goes down? is there a way you can use teleconferencing that doesn't cost you, but costs those who ring in? Maybe another back up is to record the presentation where ever it takes place, and make the recording available for text discussion... just ideas. Looking forward to it