11 November 2008

Weeks 12 & 13

Facilitating an online community event

Facilitators: Kay Lewis and Elaine Dittert

The DRAFT plan for the online event was posted in Week 9 of this blog.

The details of our event were listed in the WikiEducator FOC course mini conference page

(We decided the previous day to deliver the presentation using the 24/7 Elluminate room, as no-one had indicated their attendance and we didn’t want to be stalled by possible participants who may not have had access to Skype and we could record the text chat and voice recordings using Elluminate).

We monitored the discussion page here, however we did not receive any comments until after the event!

As Leigh had suggested to us both, we needed to assist in the promotion of the events and in getting people to attend.

At the last minute, Elaine acted as the Facilitator and I became the Guest Speaker as our planned speaker, Jennie Vickers, was at her Raglan holiday home and was not able to access Elluminate, even though all went well when I set up a “dummy run” from her Auckland residence earlier in the week!

The focus of the presentation centred around the Laws of Mind Mapping:

Both Elaine and I were away for most of the week the events were being held and had commitments at the weekend that were impossible to avoid.

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